“Supper being ended” or “During supper” in John 13:2?

The charge is that the participle should indicate an ongoing action. However, the ESV and NASB translate the same participle “γενομενου” as “had taken place” and “had happened” in Acts 28:9. The context of John 13:2 indicates that supper had already taken place and ended. Luke 22:20 indicates that Jesus and the disciples had the cup of the Lord’s Supper “after supper” (or “after they had eaten” in the NASB and ESV). Since Judas was present during the institution of the Lord’s Supper (Luke 22:21), the Lord’s Supper had to have occurred prior to Jesus washing Peter’s feet and announcing his betrayal. We know this because Judas went out “immediately” after Jesus had washed Peter’s feet and announced his betrayer (John 13:30). Since the Lord’s Supper could not have occurred after John 13:2, it must have occurred before it. And since the Lord’s Supper was completed “after supper,” John 13:2 was also after supper.

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